Thomson Woods is social satirist, fiction author, and an impassioned instigator of individuals. He is a proud graduate of the University of Florida and is currently residing in Jacksonville, Florida.

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In an interview in early 2015, Thomson Woods pointed out that his deepest influence unquestionably stems through Kurt Vonnegut’s writing. He recently reported that Vonnegut’s classic, Cat’s Cradle and it’s unique religion, Bokononism, “made a profound impact on how I viewed the philosophical depth of satirical writing.”

In the same interview, Woods also revealed that many of his favorite authors were also comedians Dave Barry, George Carlin, and Paul Feig.

However, not all of Woods’s influences come from the satirical and comedic. “Of course, you have to include Dan Brown of Da Vinci Code fame. His work taught me that you can write a narrative that is both entertaining and informationally riveting. “

Woods also explains that Tom Robbins was one of the first authors whose work he fell in love with. “My friends and family couldn’t get me to shut up about some of his books. I think I tried to get everyone in my house growing up to read Jitterbug Perfume.”

Woods went on to cite that “more formal” authors have also influenced him, such as Aldous Huxley, Albert Camus, and George Orwell.

Personal Life:

In the winter of 1990, Thomson Woods was born to two loving parents. They chose to keep him, despite his constant cries for attention and their approval throughout his infancy.

He grew up in Jacksonville, Florida where he was an International Baccalaureate graduate at one of the top prep schools in the nation. In 2009, the University of Florida made the mistake of admitting Mr. Woods into their prestigious university.

Thomson set out to prove the doubters wrong and made the most of his education at the Gainesville campus. While at UF, Thomson excelled in playing video games, sleeping a lot, and intramural sports.

After graduation from university and fielding several job offers from several internet based Fortune 500 companies, Thomson instead took a job at a local software education company, where he wrote and developed tech-based content.

After nearly two years of honing his craft and coming to find the all-too-true humor of Scott Adams’s Dilbert cartoons, Thomson left the stability of his job to pursue writing full-time.

Thomson is a writer who believes that there is humor to be found in every situation, and he aims to continue his creative endeavors through novels, short stories, and freelance work.