TWcoverWear a Raincoat, Dick! is a children’s book written for adults. Sometimes, adults don’t learn the life lessons they need when growing up and this book aims to fix that. Taking into account that the United States national average reading level for adults is at a seventh grade level, Wear a Raincoat, Dick! was written in a simplistic and illustrated way to allow for all adults to quickly and humorously learn the importance of sexual safety. Whether you keep it as a helpful reminder, a hilarious conversation starter or a doorstop, Wear a Raincoat, Dick! aims to create value as a learning tool that entertains.

“After reading this book, I always make sure all the Dicks I play with wear a raincoat.”

– Chelsea Lyle (An actual adult who read this book.)

Chelsea is just one person. What about the opinion of someone else?

“Before reading this book, I never really learned how all of that sex stuff worked. Now I have a vague idea. This book was funny and informational, the way learning should be.”

– Mason Cantwell (An adult who likes picture books.)

But don’t take Mason and Chelsea’s words for it. For all you know, I paid them* to review the book. Check out the book for yourself today!

*I didn’t pay them.