The Skinny

THE CATARACT IN OUR COSMOS is a new-adult fiction novel, complete at approximately 75,000 words.

THE CATARACT IN OUR COSMOS wears layers of new-adult and science fiction to create a story perfect for any agent and/or publisher. This novel flirts with existentialism, responsibilities of the human condition, and soft-satirical social commentary. 

The Blurb

Life doesn’t always turn out how we envision it. Having dedicated his life to planetary sciences, a grad student must drop-out of school. Fate then makes him an employee of a lowly professor studying extraterrestrial life. One has a prestigious background in science. The other is a man trying to establish the credibility of his research. But both are desperate for vindication.

And what good is being a television show host when you hate yourself? It might help when an improbable prediction turns true. And that prediction causes a conspiracy show host to find himself on a meteoric rise to fame. Only now, he worries that the truth will catch up to him and unravel his soul.

Unexpected discoveries have unexpected consequences. One discovery threatens to challenge our understanding of the world as we know it. So, despite themselves, a professor and student are pushed onto a collision course with destiny. But the television host isn’t only there to make sure the whole world is watching. He has a fate to face too. In the end, is success actually what we imagine it to be? And what becomes of us once we find our place among the stars?

The Positioning

This novel lives in the house of literary fiction but is roommates with two loose circles of genre fiction. So, I envision possible market placement incorporating both new-adult and science fiction premises. The target audiences for this novel include two main subsections. First, any new adults (18-30 yrs.) who have expected more successes in life. Second, anyone who has ever looked up at the stars and have not only thought “what if” but also “what does this all mean for me.”


If you are a prospective literary agent or publishing house and are interested in representing this work, please don’t hesitate to contact Thomson Woods. You can email him at