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Breathe_RGBLet Your Broken Heart Breathe: How to get over your long-term relationship coming to an end

by Philippe D’monds


Breathe. We will get through this together. I promise.

Ending a long term relationship can be difficult. But the path to recovery doesn’t have to be. Let Your Broken Heart Breathe offers advice on how to lessen the blow from a relationship ending and the proper steps to take to help get past your ex. From delegating your depression to finding proper perspective, this book aims to ensure that you’re given the best tools to succeed.




The Best (Worst) Advice For Getting Over Your Ex

by Dantin Doritto


So your ex just broke up with you. Well, screw them because you’re awesome.

Now, you may be feeling some emotions. And that’s fine. Because those are just the emotions that you need right now. Dantin Doritto, famed amateur relationship psychologist, gives his best advice for getting over an ex after a break up. Think you should sleep with his friends? No. Dantin Doritto suggests you sleep with his family members instead. Wondering what’s the best aide for recovery? Dantin Doritto suggests trying hard drugs and mixing liqours. Find out what other golden advice Mr. Doritto has in store for getting over your ex.