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L.A. Shadows Mystery Series

Shadows Over Summer Starlight (L.A. Shadows Book 1)

Fame isn’t breaking up the band—murder is. Summer Starlight was one of the most popular boybands of the day on the fast track to success until the band’s innocent personality is found dead in a bar. The situation only gets worse as members of the band are being picked off one by one by an unknown assailant.

Despite his desire to avoid such a high-profile commission, a single parent, local homicide detective takes on the case in an attempt to bond with his teenage daughter, a big fan of the pop group. But the detective soon discovers that the country’s beloved band has a dark side, rich with secrets. The deeper the detective delves into the case, the more he is jarred by the realization that the world is a cruel place, full of menacing secrets and unpleasant pasts. But it is the final solution to this mystery that is the most menacing and cruel of all.

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Shadows Over Sunday Season (L.A. Shadows Book 2)

Sunday—the perfect day for football and religion. And perhaps crime.

Martin is a pious man with a gambling problem and a love for sports. He’s also a foolish man. A man who believes he can win back the love of his estranged wife and young daughter.

But only if he has more money. A lot more money. After all, he always heard that money buys happiness.

But when Martin’s wager on the hometown football team ends in disaster, a life of crime begins to emerge. A life that starts to spiral out of his control as he believes he is following God’s plan.

As the agent of a famous football player goes missing, Detective Shadeaux is tasked with solving the case. When the wife of the player goes missing too, all hell breaks lose. But as the detective gets closer to solving the swelling crime spree, Shadeaux’s own mysteries emerge.

And one deeper mystery ties the two together: Are we in control of our actions and environment? Or are our actions and environment in control of us?

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Shadows Over Silent Screams (L.A. Shadows Book 3)

Where does the line between art end and mayhem begin?

Elton Marshall, a renowned painter, has always painted works highlighting life’s cruel nature. His impressionist paintings mix doses of joy with splashes of pain. His art style is heralded for bringing the dual emotions of hope and regret to life. But his art had always been just that. Paint on a canvas.

Now a crazed fan has decided to bring Elton’s artwork to life. A killer is on the loose in Los Angeles. And they are committing murder based on scenes depicted in Elton’s paintings. Its up to detective Jackson V. Shadeaux to stop them. But as his personal life gets in the way of his work, only one question remains.

Where does his shadowed past end and where does a brighter future begin

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The Ballad of Somerset Jones Series:

Idle Chaos (Somerset Book 1)

Somerset Jones has two loving parents, a decent career, and a stable life. Everything is in order and as it should be. That is, of course, if you don’t include one small exception. Two strange men keep following him. Two men that no one else seems to be able to see.

One day, that small exception in his life starts to snowball into the chaotic. As his life takes a turn for the bizarre, Somerset discovers he has an incredible gift. A gift of superpowers. At first, he believes his gift will bring order back to his life. Instead, his superpowers push him deeper into the chaos around him.

The United States Government employs Somerset as a superhero. But he learns that being a superhero is nothing like he expected. And the comics he grew up on only served to give him false expectations and naive truths. As the story unfolds, Somerset comes to learn that superpowers don’t fix disorder. They cause it.

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Entropic Apathy (Somerset Book 2)

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Anarchic Fate (Somerset Book 3)

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