L.A. Shadows Book 2

Shadows over Sunday Season is a mystery novel complete at approximately 64,350 words.

Sunday—the perfect day for football and religion. And perhaps crime.

Martin is a pious man with a gambling problem and a love for sports. He’s also a foolish man. A man who believes he can win back the love of his estranged wife and young daughter.

But only if he has more money. A lot more money. After all, he always heard that money buys happiness.

But when Martin’s wager on the hometown football team ends in disaster, a life of crime begins to emerge. A life that starts to spiral out of his control as he believes he is following God’s plan.

As the agent of a famous football player goes missing, Detective Shadeaux is tasked with solving the case. When the wife of the player goes missing too, all hell breaks lose. But as the detective gets closer to solving the swelling crime spree, Shadeaux’s own mysteries emerge.

And one deeper mystery ties the two together: Are we in control of our actions and environment? Or are our actions and environment in control of us?

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Reviews for Sunday Season:

By Douglas Winslow Cooper on October 8, 2016

“Thomson Woods writes very well. His chapters often start with an authorial insight or two to introduce the action. His characters are vibrantly described, worth getting to know.

His Detective Shadeaux (pronounced “Shadow”) is smart, tough, interestingly complex, moral. He teams with a local police lieutenant, successfully…. usually.

An inept gambler and garbage truck driver loses a bet on a pro football game gets $20,000 in debt to his bookie, who is charging him $5000 a week interest, driving him crazy, as described in much detail, and he proceeds to kill gruesomely those he blames for his losses. For a while, the killer is unknown, but even when identified, he is hard to catch.”